Smudging Herbs


In this moment, healing and love abound.  The smoke wafting from these herbs rejoice at the blessings received and given and those yet to come in the time of need.

100% certified organic

Each Smudging Herb enjoys its own giving property, mix and blend according to your needs.

Herb Descriptions>

--- Rose
Produces a heavy, warm, aromatic scent with just a hint of sharpness, the scent lasts a long time after burning. Excellent for meditation, divination, increasing psychic communication. Traditionally associated with attracting love, conferring peace, opening channels to connectivity and enhancing beauty..

--- Lavender
Has a light, aromatic and refreshing scent. Useful for attracting peace, happiness and restful sleep. Also reduces depression, grief and sorrow. Aids in meditation and divination, and often said to aid in manifestation.

---- Palo Santos
Know as the Holy Wood, Palo Santos is harvested from the forest floor after the tree has fallen.  Imparts a deep healing calm.  For physical healing, Palo Santo benefits include relieving symptoms of common colds, stress, headaches, anxiety, inflammation, emotional trauma and more. It is also wonderful for setting and sealing in your intentions.

How to Use

Healing herbs can be used as smudge in a small bowl.  Place a small amount of herbs in a shell or bowl, apply flame to smudge bowl until smoke rises clearly, allow flame to die down to a smolder, start in the east corner of the room and circle the room to west with quiet meditation and positive intention. Use in a well ventilated room.

The Herbs can be placed in a treasured vessel beside your bed to help connect you to your universal truth.