Singing Bowl - 9" Etched Black Aluminum


This is a large gorgeous ornate singing bowl.  The aluminum design in luxurious matte black enables this bowl to be super light for its size yet sing loudly and easily with sonorous bell tones and piercing harmonics. The inside has etched relief carvings in traditional Tibetan motifs  These bowls have a complex, rich sound with plenty of harmonics and good sustain perfect for going deeper.

Singing Bowls find and bond to their owner. Singing bowls connect your inner self to the endless Universe through vibration. Perfect for meditation, ritual, purification, group gatherings and personal exploration. Each bowl is expertly handcrafted in many metals by master artisans. These timeless instruments span the centuries across many traditions. They will evoke any mood desired by using different playing techniques.

Every bowl comes with an appropriately sized mallet for striking or rubbing and cushion.

Please Note for All Singing Bowls:  Due to the intensive artisan crafting process, many variations exist in their stated weights, sizes and descriptions.  In general, larger, heavier bowls have deeper sounds.  No two are alike in the entire Universe!  Please check out the Sound Sample for each bowl and feel free to ask us questions!