Face Steamer


Awaken  - Opens mind to renewed vitality.  Hand foraged cedar, juniper, orange, peppermint + rose.  Skin benefit: reduces eczema + dandruff

Calm -  Opens mind to calm + mental peace.  Hand foraged rose, hops, chamomile + lavender.  Skin benefits -reduces discoloration + adds youthful glow

Center - Opens mind to intention focus + memory.  Hand foraged peppermint, vanilla, lavender + marigold.  Skin benefit: anti-inflammatory + clears acne.

Release - Opens mind to release mental conflict.  Hand foraged marigold, verbena, bay + lavender.  Skin benefit: reduces redness + smooths texture.


Add small handful of herbs to a bowl and cover with boiling water; steep for a few minutes and allow to cool slightly.  Place towel over head to create a steam tent, breathe deeply for 5 - 10 minutes.  Remember to relax, clear your mind and set your intention.