Air Plants


Seleriana air plants are fuzzy, sturdy plants with a lot of character. The fuzz is caused by the trichomes on their leaves that help them hold and absorb water directly through their leaves. No roots, no dirt, just the fun parts! Care: The Tillandsia seleriana prefers misting and dunking as watering methods as opposed to soaking due to its bulbous base. When watering, take care to shake out any excess water from its leaves as water left amongst its leaves can cause your plant to rot!
Aeranthos is one of the classic air plant varieties, prized for its beautiful and long-lasting flowers. It is known in Spanish as "Clavel del Aire" or "Carnation of the Air". When not in bloom, you can admire it's gracefully curved leaves. Each leaf protrudes out from the main center growth point and with time they stack to create a very tall specimen. This species readily produces pups.
hey are very hardy and average about 2 inches tall. They will grow as large as 3 to 4 inches and multiply by producing "pups" from their base. They will give you wonderful blooms 2 to 3 times per year. Also known as Ionantha Kolbii.